Bolt Nut Dealers, Chennai

Who We Are

JJ Fasteners combine Chinwell brand to produce high quality industrial suppliers all over the country established in 2011. .We are dealers for Nuts & Bolts , High tansile Nuts Bolts, 8 Grade Nuts , 8 Grade Bolts, CW Make Bolt Nuts , Threaded Bolt Nuts, SS Bolt Nuts. We concentrate only on bulk projects and retail sales. We provide maximum low budget prices for pre engineered buildings structurals, fabrications workshops and other project wise prizes are available according to the customers needs. We have got clients all over the country .

We have built up a strong client base and a reputation for high quality work, on time delivering results to the customer's satisfaction. We specialize in providing client focused solutions in Nuts & Bolts. The company provides Fasteners on different requirements and parameter with any scale of the project. Our exciting Products has provided us with being one of the most respected Industrial Fastener dealers in the south in the south.